What is Heromiles?

Heromiles is a unique and path-breaking on-line initiative by Hero MotoCorp to promote, facilitate and encourage long distance touring on two-wheelers in India. This is done through a dedicated website Heromiles.com and independent mobile applications (both Andriod and iPhone) by the same name. The Heromiles website has a huge database of the best motorcycling routes in and around our country. These routes have been collated and uploaded as Route Guides which contain quality in-depth information about each route covered. This information includes the exact routes, road conditions, best time to ride, exact location of fuel pumps, tyre repair shops, ATM’s and other essentials. Each route has been physically mapped by expert and experienced motorcycle tourers and so reflect everything that a two-wheeled traveler would wish to know. In addition newer route guides are further added as a continuous process. Conceived and executed by xBhp.comfor Hero MotoCorp, Heromiles.com is the first Indian website dedicated entirely towards long distance travel in India on two-wheelers.

Do I need to be a registered member on the website to use it?

No. You can access the website content as a guest user. However registering yourself and logging in will allow you both to rate the routes and also you can save your searches by bookmarking them for future reference.

How do I register and log in?

Nothing unusual here and done as is the norm. You register either using a valid e-mail ID or through your Facebook account. In case you use your e-mail ID, a verification and account activation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail ID.

What are the benefits of being a registered user on Heromiles?

You get to rate the routes and you can save your searches by bookmarking them for future reference.

How do I search for places I want to ride to?

Just type in the city, location or place you want to ride to in the search window and you’ll get a list of route guides to choose from. Have more specific needs – click on the Advanced Search tab and fill in the details of start point, destination, number of days you want to ride or number of kilometers you want to do. The Heromiles.com search engine applies these chosen filters and lists out relevant route guides for you to see and choose from.

How do I search for routes I want to ride?

You can either do a direct search as described above or choose routes according to prescribed categories or depending on how popular they have been rated to be.

What are route guides?

Route Guides are individual route packets that contain in depth and detailed information about that particular route. This information is about the exact route followed, the expected road conditions (traffic, surface quality etc.), best time of the year for doing that route, precise location of petrol pumps, puncture repair shops, ATM’s, accommodation facilities, medical facilities, scenic spots, fun road sections and virtually anything and everything that a two-wheeled tourer would wish to know.

What if the exact route that I want to do is not listed on the website?

Heromiles.com lists the best routes in the country and not every possible route that can be traveled upon. So you can search for the best route that covers either all or most of the way-points you would be covering in your own route that you did not find on the list.

Can I save the route guides I have selected and share them with others?

Of course, that’s the whole idea! We would love to have you save your favorites and share them with your riding buddies either through social media channels (Facebook, Google+ etc) or through sharing the links via e-mail or Whatsapp. As mentioned above you’ll need to log in to the website as a registered user to save your favorite route guides.

Can I download the guides for off-line use or to print them?

No, this is an on-line facility and for viewing on-line only. The route guides are not in a format that you can download either for off-line use or for printing.

Does Heromiles.com provide real-time navigation just as it is with Google Maps?

The route guides on Heromiles.com are based on Google maps but this is an advisory service and not a real time navigation application.